<center>Minnow & Archie</center>
my beautiful sister and i
fitzroy picnic

I wear my saltwater sandals everywhere, can’t wait to get bright colours for summer! Also wearing: shirt from opshop, coat from ophshop and yellow bag from mimco

3. Street Art

Living in a place like Melbourne, its hard to not love street art or to have a great appreciation for it at least. Last night i was walking on the road and i looked down to my feet, “Hello Beautiful” written on the gutter. Now tell me, who in their right mind, boy or girl, wouldn’t love seeing that.

2. Live music

It’s funny how you can walk down the road on a thursday night in Fitzroy and have a selection of pubs/bars to choose from for some live music, but not just any live music, it’s always nothing short of amazing talent! We chose The Labor In Vain, our little family’s favouritest of favourites! The barmaid knows Mum and Tim by name. It’s the coolest pub i’ve ever been in, so cool without knowing it. So grungy and old. The musician was Guy Kable. Just an amazing deep voice and acoustive guitar, he reminded me of a young Tom Waits. He sung mostly about a girl, who he had obviously been in a tumultuous relationship with. Its so amazing how people have the guts to sing their deepest thoughts and feelings to a crowd, they must feel so naked, how liberating it must feel! Maybe thats why i love live music so much, getting to know a stranger on a weirdly intimate level.

1. The 28 degree heat.

I caught the train and went to Brighton Beach, swam in the Bass Strait and relaxed. It really was so beautiful and was so interesting to visit another beach culture other than the one i grew up with. It was also nice to go somewhere so crowded and busy in solitude.